[ austria ]

  1. hello down there!
    hello down there!
    The view from our room in Salzburg was so charming, and right out to a busy pedestrian street.
  2. behind the fortress
    behind the fortress
    This view of the city and its stunning rooftops was shot from the abbey where they filmed the Sound of Music, nearby the Hohensalzburg Fortress
  3. flitting and floating
    flitting and floating
    ...We fleetly flee, we fly! (of course we had to dance and sing like the Von Trapp children)
  4. a taste of the countryside
    a taste of the countryside
    After our tour through the Oberösterreich salt mines, we explored the city of Berchtesgaden. the views from the quaint town took our breath away! it was a nice change from the city for an afternoon.
  5. and i'm off!
    and i'm off!
    A beautiful day and a sad farewell to grandparents, the Mitten, and the home I love.
  6. beginning here
    beginning here
    Traveling from Windsor to Toronto, and eventually Munich by plane, train, and automobile.
  7. not paris
    not paris
    Locks on the bridge in Salzburg were a pleasant and bright surprise to line the streets we walked on.
  8. like julie andrews
    like julie andrews
    Splashing in the fountain like Maria from the Sound of Music!
  9. double digits
    double digits
    One of the ten soft pretzels my parents and I shared in Bavaria.
  10. nice view!
    nice view!
    During our Sound of Music bike tour we enjoyed some incredible views of Salzburg and its countryside.

[ germany ]

  1. violin country
    violin country
    Mittenwald is famous for the manufacturing of violins, violas, and cellos, which began in the mid-17th century by the Klotz family of violinmakers.
  2. postcard?
    Every view from high and low in Bavaria was breathtaking- mountains, houses, and churches at every corner.
  3. ornate is great
    ornate is great
    Saint Paul’s church in Mittenwald was among one of many incredible cathedrals in the area.
  4. mom & dad!!
    mom & dad!!
    It was so wonderful spending the week prior to my voyage with my wonderful parents. And talk about a backdrop!
  5. i'll take four
    i'll take four
    Espresso, gelato, or the combination of both- a snack I can’t pass up.
  6. geeked
    Speechless and excited because I just saw works by Raphael, Rembrandt, and Da Vinci. So thankful for art history courses.
  7. holy fresco
    holy fresco
    Bright paintings and murals decorated nearly every house in Mittenwald. A fairytale indeed!
  8. (gorge)ous
    The Leutasch Gorge in the German Alps on the Austria/Germany border was filled with bright blue water and narrow walkways!
  9. climbing the alps
    climbing the alps
    Portions of the Northern Limestone Alps were unbelievable to see, despite the fog that coated the upper peaks.
  10. walking in memphis
    walking in memphis
    Just kidding, it’s the Court Garden in Munich.

[ england ]

  1. chicki-nannndoo
    The “hipster” chicken wing restaurant in London was a perfect first stop after a long morning and crammed train ride into town.
  2. i liked the food.
    i liked the food.
    The Camden area of London was not particularly my scene on the streets, but the food market at the end of the block was incredible. I enjoyed free samples of falafel, churros, cream soda, cake, and granola.
  3. st. paul’s cathedral
    st. paul’s cathedral
    Venturing over to the “touristy” sights of London led us to St. Paul’s and a choir concert- both stunning.
  4. banana phones
    banana phones
    I vowed to be a traveler and not a tourist, but it happens to the best of us.
  5. a look inside
    a look inside
    The intricacies of the cathedrals here is astounding, and the colors are muted yet so exquisite.
  6. behind big ben
    behind big ben
    The sun was setting as we approached Big Ben, gleaming gold in the light. I couldn’t help but turn around and watch the sun set, though.
  7. eye love it
    eye love it
    I didn’t go up into the London Eye, but I can imagine it’s view from above was as beautiful as it was from ground level.
  8. 3 for 1
    3 for 1
    Saint Paul’s, a red double-decker bus, and a telephone booth- iconic London, I would think.
  9. hello to the queen
    hello to the queen
    Stopping by Buckingham Palace with Fizza, Tylee, and Krupa
  10. curry & conversation
    curry & conversation
    Ending the night in London at the ever-authentic Indian birthday party with wonderful food, drinks, dancing, and people. Not what you’d expect in England!

[ the ship ]

  1. not our first
    not our first
    countless sunsets and still waters in the evenings leave the shipboard community quiet and in awe. they are beautiful indeed.
  2. midship
    looking up from the 9th deck makes me feel small and the ship (and world!) feel so big.
  3. bon voyage!
    bon voyage!
    My first look off the stern of the ship that would become all-too familiar to me in Southampton.
  4. rough seas
    rough seas
    This is a view from the 6th deck, and the only view of the water I saw for the first two days on board, with the waves reaching over 20 feet.
  5. blue beauty
    blue beauty
    The third day resurrection of our bodies and the sunshine on the ship brought bright blue waters and clear skies. I gasped and squealed at my first sights of it.
  6. the world odyssey
    the world odyssey
    My home, my classroom, my kitchen, my campus.
  7. friends for dinner
    friends for dinner
    Tylee, Gabriel, Brennan, and I enjoyed our first dinner on the 9th deck overlooking the straights of Gibraltar.
  8. community
    The first time our entire shipboard community enjoyed a moment together was after we emerged from our cabins and looked out over Africa to our right and Europe to our left.

[ italy ]

  1. lean with it
    lean with it
    Italian Panini in hand, we danced around the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the charming city surrounding it.
  2. pristine sistine
    pristine sistine
    Despite the security guards surrounding me I was able to snag a photo of this masterpiece while in the Vatican City.
  3. holla-seum
    The mere size of the Colosseum was mind-blowing. I managed to take a little rock from the ground, too, beginning my rock collection from the places I visit.
  4. st. peter's basilica
    st. peter's basilica
    I found myself speechless in the presence of these holy spaces- with relics of the cross beneath my feet and by my side.
  5. i'd live here
    i'd live here
    I’d already love to return to Porto Venere, my home for two days beyond Cinque Terre.
  6. clear as day
    clear as day
    Picturesque landscapes behind the crystal clear blue water were common, but never got old.
  7. i'm here, mom!
    i'm here, mom!
    Despite the hundreds of people-less landscape photos I have taken, I guarantee I was indeed in Italy.
  8. i'm in like
    i'm in like
    …with this bike! This perhaps captures a glimpse into the bright and cheery streets that lined every town.
  9. meditating
    Swimming in the Mediterranean, climbing up the rocks, exploring the caverns and grottos, and feeling the salt on my lips…joy joy JOY!
  10. this is school
    this is school
    My drawing class spent our field lab day sketching on the island of Procida. Not the worst looking classroom for the day.

[ croatia ]

  1. old town
    old town
    Trekking around on the city walls was a remarkable way to see the city, sprinkled with red roofs and marble streets.
  2. weekdays
    We kayaked on the Adriatic Sea, stopped in a cave for lunch, and snorkeled in the bay. Not bad for a Thursday.
  3. jumping cliffs
    jumping cliffs
    Diving (and flipping) off of the rocks was a daily highlight.
  4. 'screaming
    Croatian ice cream was a close second to the gelato in Italy, and we indulged several times a day when possible.
  5. weaving progress
    weaving progress
    An educational and working community for women refugees the war with bracelets and tapestries galore!
  6. cocktails, peacocks
    cocktails, peacocks
    The island of Lokrum felt like a beachy getaway, and there were peacocks roaming at every corner!
  7. war zone
    war zone
    Standing between Bosnia and Croatia, the land lay barren with ruins and markings of land mines from the genocide.
  8. 'yacking
    Kayaking on the Adriatic Sea was more turbulent but more fun than I imagined! The water was bright blue and it left us covered in salt.
  9. cove climb
    cove climb
    Beaches were rocky, cliffs were common, and coves were magnificent.
  10. passport, stamped!
    passport, stamped!
    We made our way over to Montenegro for the day, and earned our first passport stamp by land. The towns were charming and the mountains didn’t seem to end!

[ greece ]

  1. view & a show
    view & a show
    The theaters at the foot of the Acropolis were accompanied by incredible views of the city.
  2. parthenon in part
    parthenon in part
    Even just the corner of this beautiful monument demonstrates is size and age.
  3. athenian graffiti
    athenian graffiti
    I didn’t pass a single street that wasn’t covered in graffiti in the inner-city area of Athens. Cars, trains, alleys, storefronts, and bar stools were covered.
  4. oh so blue
    oh so blue
    Nearly all buildings were WHITE and contrasted all hues of blue in Oia and Fira.
  5. hee-haw
    Donkeys seemed to be better at scaling the steep switchbacks of the towns than we were, although none looked too thrilled about it.
  6. villa dilla
    villa dilla
    In front of our villa is Eve, Tylee, Maddie, and Gabriel- wonderful compadres during my visit to Santorini.
  7. endless streets
    endless streets
    White walls and blue windows accompanied by bright flowers truly kept going on and on, each new building more beautiful than the last.
  8. fishy fishy
    fishy fishy
    My feet were tingly as they were “cleaned” by the little fish at the spa in Oia.
  9. four peas in a pod
    four peas in a pod
    A small but perfect little bed shared by the girls in our villa overlooking the sea.
  10. morning bliss!
    morning bliss!
    The first of two glorious breakfasts with a beautiful view out on our porch.

[ spain ]

  1. leaning tower
    leaning tower
    Thankfully this human tower was not leaning like the one in Pisa. An amazing talent to see!
  2. bull fights
    bull fights
    The bull fighting arena in Valencia was nearby the train station and was a highlight of the city.
  3. sandy toes
    sandy toes
    Our tapa restaurant in the basement was beachy and unique!
  4. ohhh barcelonnaaa
    ohhh barcelonnaaa
    We enjoyed cheering and yelling and watching the famous FC Barcelona team play with fellow SAS students
  5. ooh la la sagrada
    ooh la la sagrada
    Gaudi’s masterpiece in the making was an incredible sight to behold despite the construction and cranes
  6. busy streets
    busy streets
    The view from our apartment in Madrid overlooked Gran Via and the shops below
  7. hi ho flamenco
    hi ho flamenco
    Whirling and tapping away, the traditional dancers were fiercely talented.
  8. chök
    The chocolate kitchen and donut shop of the century was frequented during our stay in Barcelona
  9. güell was swell
    güell was swell
    Gaudi’s Park Güell was ornate, strange, and magnificent.
  10. montser-squad
    Enjoying the view with my group that traveled to Montserrat and the monastery in the clouds.

[ morocco ]

  1. hassan II
    hassan II
    The largest mosque in Africa stood gleaming in the morning sunlight.
  2. fatima's records
    fatima's records
    We were shown records and medicines in the Al Waha health clinic in Casablanca
  3. "i am morocco"
    "i am morocco"
    The children in the English class were adorable, and always to forget to say that they were "from" Morocco.
  4. bread for all
    bread for all
    Large loafs of bread were served on the streets, and we had multiple at every meal.
  5. yves saint...laurel?
    yves saint...laurel?
    The Majorelle Gardens were decorated with blue, yellow, and bright orange buildings and pottery.
  6. friends and fes
    friends and fes
    Maddie, Eve, Tylee, and Jess were my loyal compadres during our stay in Fes and Chefchaouen.
  7. poms in palms
    poms in palms
    If we weren’t enjoying the caramel apple soda POMS, we were probably eating fresh pomegranates!
  8. the jungle inside
    the jungle inside
    Our Riad opened up to a lovely garden area with tile pillars surrounding the atrium.
  9. uno, deux, three, أربعة
    uno, deux, three, أربعة
    It took speaking four languages to land us some henna tattoos and the Hand of Fatima.
  10. blue like miles davis
    blue like miles davis
    The city of Chefchaouen was beaming with bright blue walls and doors around every corner.

[ senegal ]

  1. sidewalk talk
    sidewalk talk
    Senegalese street dwellers retreated to the shaded places in the heat of day, and were typically situated amidst the trash
  2. goreé slave island
    goreé slave island
    Despite its tropical beauty, the slave island proved to be humbling as we ventured around where millions of African slaves were exported west
  3. an unorthodox 21st
    an unorthodox 21st
    I spent my birthday on a field lab, but was greeted with a lovely cake upon my return to the ship!
  4. party bus
    party bus
    All of the “Transport Commun” busses were brightly painted and countless Senegalese locals hung from their doors and windows
  5. desert walks & religious talks
    desert walks & religious talks
    Following men and women barefoot and in complete coverings, we ventured across the beach property to attend a service at their mosque shrine.
  6. beachy keen
    beachy keen
    After visiting the pink lake we rode on Jeeps through the surrounding desert, villages, and beachfront, sand and salt whipping our faces
  7. eye spy
    eye spy
    The children were joyful and beautiful in all of the villages we visited, and were pleased to invite us in to their communities.
  8. salt or snow
    salt or snow
    The drifts of salt behind the woman with a basket full of bracelets and sand paintings were harvested from the extremely salty pink lake.
  9. atlantic exploration
    atlantic exploration
    The tides were strong and the sky was gray and we let the rip of the water take us for a swim!
  10. tribal games
    tribal games
    We observed a Wolof village’s celebration of dancing and sand wrestling, and got a taste of life in the Bush (rural African regions).

[ neptune day ]

  1. king neptune & his queen
    king neptune & his queen
    The SAS Executive Dean and Captain Costas were royalty for the day!
  2. fish lips
    fish lips
    Kissing a fish and King Neptune's rings were part of the ceremony to become a shellback
  3. pocket of pollywogs
    pocket of pollywogs
    We were herded like cattle to the pool area as pollywogs before the ceremony
  4. shellbacks & neptune's back
    shellbacks & neptune's back
    a huge celebration followed the morning of slime, dead fish, and kissing
  5. morning dance
    morning dance
    With the Halloween dance the night prior, we still had our dancing shoes on for Neptune Day
  6. halfway home
    halfway home
    Boys (and girls!!) shaved their heads in honor of the old naval tradition
  7. salty slime
    salty slime
    After being dumped with green slime (at least it wasn't fish guts!) we hopped in the salty pool
  8. it's called bald
    it's called bald
    Countless students shaved their heads, fully or partially, but I failed to participate in the ritual
  9. sneak attack
    sneak attack
    Celebrities for the day, Neptune and his queen paraded around in their green garb for the afternoon
  10. packed pool
    packed pool
    Nearly every person from the shipboard community gathered at a bright 8am for the festivities!

[ brazil ]

  1. darth vader
    darth vader
    The elevator situated on the left lifted hundreds of Brazilians and tourists up to the French Quarter every day.
  2. pelourinho streets
    pelourinho streets
    Bright buildings and doors were lit by the bright blue sky and the sounds of drumming.
  3. goldie rocks
    goldie rocks
    The Church of St. Francis in Salvador was decorated with sparkling gold and blue Portuguese tiles.
  4. marina munch
    marina munch
    A meal to remember of fine dining was shared and enjoyed by the seaside.
  5. holy pit
    holy pit
    Deep watering holes sprinkled the rocky mountainside in Lençois.
  6. light the night
    light the night
    Wielding flashlights and phones to light our way we ventured through the caverns of Lapa Doce.
  7. spelunking
    Diving through more caves, we continued our afternoon in the dark.
  8. rock sliding
    rock sliding
    Riding down fifty yards of slippery rock, we bumped down to the pool below.
  9. (coco)nuts about brazil
    (coco)nuts about brazil
    Many ‘a coconut waters were consumed during our time in the tropical country.
  10. AXÉ dancing
    AXÉ dancing
    Abby and I enjoyed kicking and spinning and dancing with the Street Children Project.

[ trinidad & tobago ]

  1. doubles
    The traditional chickpea and fried bread snack was sold from truck beds and street carts.
  2. seaside
    The view from the Dorca’s Women Group center was beautifully tropical!
  3. thanksgiving lunch
    thanksgiving lunch
    Baked corn and raisin tamales wrapped in banana leaves was a step away from turkey, I’d say.
  4. christmas in july?
    christmas in july?
    Based on the steamy weather and green flowering plants, it might as well have been!
  5. sunset hikes
    sunset hikes
    We walked up and down hills to and from our various houses in the evening.
  6. home sweet home
    home sweet home
    This bright riverside house was ours for the two days in Trinidad.
  7. head wrapping
    head wrapping
    Spelling out “IMPACT”, my fellow scholars and I enjoyed being dressed in traditional garb!
  8. fishing village
    fishing village
    Matelot was the last village on a long bumpy road, and was populated primarily by fisherman.
  9. man's best friend
    man's best friend
    Dogs followed us everywhere in the streets of the village and during meals.
  10. banana chips
    banana chips
    This salty tropical snack provided the perfect coastal crunch.

[ costa rica ]

  1. zip zip
    zip zip
    Jocelyn, Abby, Ellie, and I enjoyed zip lining at Los Suenos canopy along 14 different lines.
  2. life monteverde
    life monteverde
    Life Monteverde, the sustainable coffee plantation, welcomed a group of SAS students and fellow IMPACT scholars to a day on the farm.
  3. how do i stop?
    how do i stop?
    Sideways, upside-down, and backwards were the most enjoyable ways to zip above the trees.
  4. waiting game
    waiting game
    Julie, Abby, Ellie, and I waited atop several waterfalls prior to jumping down, alongside new friends from Canada and our Costa Rican guides.
  5. walk in the clouds
    walk in the clouds
    Hanging bridges swung above treetops and we hiked through the lush rainforests in the quiet of the early evening.
  6. chasing waterfalls
    chasing waterfalls
    Rappelling down six waterfalls left us bruised and soaked, but it was a highlight of the week.
  7. bungEEEK
    Jumping from the tallest bungee jumping platform in Latin America, I plunged down over the trees and looked beside to see a full-circle rainbow.
  8. taco taco
    taco taco
    A definite highlight of the week, the small taco stand attached to a nearby hostel was frequented during our time in Monteverde.
  9. other lands' sands
    other lands' sands
    Abby and I stood on the beach of Puntarenas prior to boarding the ship for the last time, only to then leave and have our next steps be on U.S. soil.
  10. mahalo
    Surf’s up in Jaco Beach where the sand was black, water was warm, waves were consistent, and the town was quaint and beachy.