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hello, all! thanks for joining me on this adventure. 
i look forward to sharing glimpses into my world this fall – a world that will be encompassing at least 13 cities and 11 countries over the course of 100 days.
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[ itinerary ]

September 4-6 | Salzburg, Austria
September 7-9 | Mittenwald, Germany
September 10-11 | Munich, Germany
September 12 | London, England
September 13 | Embark from Southampton 
September 19-22 | Civitavecchia, Italy
September 23-24 | Naples, Italy
September 29-October 3 | NEW: Dubrovnik, Croatia
October 6-10 | Piraeus (Athens), Greece 
October 15-16 | Valencia, Spain 
October 17-19 | Barcelona, Spain 
October 22-26 | Casablanca, Morocco
October 31-November 3 | Dakar, Senegal
November 11-16 | Salvador, Brazil
November 26-27 | Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
December 3 | Panama Canal Transit, Panama
December 5-9 | Puntarenas, Costa Rica
December 21 | Debark in San Diego, California
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